by Dr. Ed Young

Running from God
H. Edwin Young
Jonah 1:1-3; 1:17; 2:2; 3:1

Some of you may have heard of Clovis Chapell. Dr. Chapell was brought up in a little Midwestern city. He attended Harvard University and his boyhood friend attended Yale. They didn't see each other very much except during the holidays and many times they would get on the same train and they would ride almost all the way back to the East - one would go to Harvard and the other one to Yale.

One Christmas they were returning home, and as Dr. Chapell was getting on the train his train ticket was sort of sticking out of his back pocket and his buddy, going to Yale, just reached and slipped the ticket out of his pocket, unknown to Chapell, and put it in his pocket. They got on the train and they were seated. A few moments the Conductor was coming through the compartment there and checking all the tickets and so Chapell started to reach and look for his ticket. He couldn't find it anywhere and he said, "Have you seen my ticket?" His best buddy said, "No, I haven't seen it." Chapell said, "Well I had it with me. I don't have enough money to buy another ticket, and here comes the Conductor down the aisle here. Will you lend me some money?"

His buddy who went to Yale said, "No, I don't have enough money either." Chapell says, "What am I going to do! He will put me off the train." His friend said, "Well the best thing you can do is to hide from the Conductor. Why don't you crawl right under that seat and I'll cover you with this raincoat and you just sort of scrooch under that seat and he won't notice you and I will give him my ticket and he will walk on." In desperation, that's exactly what Clovis Chapell did. He got under the seat, he was covered by his friend with a raincoat, the Conductor came down the aisle. He said, "Tickets, please."

His friend reached in his pocket and got out his ticket and Chappel's ticket and handed the Conductor both tickets. The Conductor said, "Fine, but where is your s ...

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