by Dr. Ed Young

The Sound of Many Voices
H. Edwin Young
Isaiah 6:1-8

Charles Colburn, the Broadway actor was once asked, "After you have been in a play week after week, and month after month, how in the world do you keep the lines fresh and clean when you go through the same performance time and time again?" Mr. Colburn answered and said, "Every once in a while we just close down the play for an entire day. We get all the cast together with the orchestra, we bring in the director of the choreography and perhaps even the author." Mr. Colburn said, "We just sit down and we read over that play and we listen to it as though we had never heard it before."

Our scripture this morning is very familiar to us. I invite you to open your Bibles with me to the book of Isaiah, Chapter 6. I'll begin reading with verse 1 and read through verse 8 and I ask that you listen to this familiar passage and hear it as though you had never heard it before.

When my oldest son Ed was about seven years old and my middle son Ben was about five, I was off speaking one night and my wife was with my boys having prayer time. They were down by their bed praying and Ben, my then five year old, prayed first. And he just prays for everybody. He prayed for mother and daddy, and Aunt Ida and Aunt Edna and Uncle Walter and our dog Barney, and the grass and he named two or three flowers and he prayed - at that time, the beginning of the continuation of the Batman craze - he said, "And Lord, be with Batman and Robin and the Joker and Mr. Freeze." He named everybody, and finally when he had completed his prayer, my wife Jo Beth said Ed, my then seven year old started to pray and he began to pray and name various things, but Ben couldn't wait - he opened one eye and reached over and punched his older brother. He said, "Ed, don't forget to pray for Batman - he needs it!" And then I remember being terribly proud of my older son. He just stopped his prayer with all the sophistication that only a seven year old has ...

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