by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage
Romans 3:4

The Bible needs reconstruction according to some
inside and outside the pulpit. It is no surprise that
the world bombards the Scriptures, but it is amazing
to find Christian ministers picking at this in the
Bible and denying that, until many good people are
left in the fog about what parts of the Bible they
ought to believe, and what parts they may reject. The
heinousness of finding fault with the Bible at this
time is most evident. In our day the Bible is assailed
by scurrility, by misrepresentation, by infidel
scientists, by all the vice of earth and all the venom
of perdition, and therefore it is peculiarly mean that
at this particular time even preachers of the Gospel
should fall into line of criticism of the Word of God.
Why, it makes me think of a ship in a September
equinox, the waves dashing to the top of the smoke-
stack, and the hatches fastened down, and many
prophesying the foundering of the steamer, and at that
time some of the crew with axes and saws go down into
the hold of the ship, and they try to saw off some of
the planks and pry out some of the timbers because the
timber did not come from the right forest 1 It does
not seem to me a commendable business for the crew to
be helping the winds and storms outside with their
axes and saws inside. Now, this old Gospel ship, what
with the roaring of earth and hell around the stem and
stern, and mutiny on deck, is having a very rough
voyage, but I have noticed that not one of the timbers
has started, and the Captain says he will see it
through. And I have noticed that keelson and counter-
timber-knee are built out of Lebanon cedar, and she is
going to weather the gale, but no credit to those who
make mutiny on deck.

When I see professed Christians in this particular day
finding fault with the Scriptures, it makes me think
of a fortress terrifically bombarded, and the men on ...

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