by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage
Romans 1:22, 23

This is a full-length portrait of an evolutionist who
substitutes the bestial origin for the Divine origin.
I showed you in another sermon that evolution was
contradicted by the Bible, by science, by observation,
and by common sense; that the Bible account of the
creation of man and of brute and of the world, and the
evolutionist's account collided with each other, as
certainly as two express trains going in opposite
directions at sixty miles the hour, their locomotives
meeting on the same track. I showed that the evolution
scientists were pronounced infidels; that evolution
was a heathenism thousands of years old; that such men
as Agassiz and Hugh Miller and Faraday and Dawson and
Dana had for that doctrine of evolution unlimited
contempt. I showed you that their favorite theory of
the " survival of the fittest " was an absurdity and
an untruth, and that natural evolution was always
downward and never upward, and that there had never
been any improvement for man or beast or world except
through the direct or indirect influence of our
glorious Christianity. And in the closing part of that
sermon I told you I was not a pessimist, but an
optimist, and that instead of it being eleven o'clock
at night it is half-past five in the morning.

Now, I go on to tell you, it seems to me that
evolutionists are trying to impress the great masses
of the people with the idea that there is an ancestral
line leading from the primal germ on up through the
serpent, and on up through the quadruped, and on up
through the gorilla, to man. They admit that there is
a " missing link," as they call it, but there is not a
missing link - it is a whole chain gone. Between the
physical construction of the highest animal, and the
physical construction of the lowest man, there is a
chasm as wide as the Atlantic Ocean. Evolutionists
tell us that somewhere in Central Africa, ...

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