by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage
I Tim. 6:20

There is no contest between genuine science and
revelation. The same God who by the hand of prophet
wrote on parchment, by the hand of the storm wrote on
the rock. The best telescopes and microscopes and
electric batteries and philosophical apparatus belong
to Christian universities. Who gave us magnetic
telegraphy? Professor Morse, a Christian. Who swung
the lightnings under the sea, cabling the continents
together? Cyrus W. Field, the Christian. Who
discovered the anaesthetical properties of chloroform,
doing more for the relief of human pain than any man
that ever lived, driving back nine-tenths of the
horrors of surgery? James Y. Simpson, of Edinburgh, as
eminent for piety as for science; on week days in the
university lecturing on profoundest scientific
subjects, and on Sabbaths preaching the Gospel of
Jesus Christ to the masses of Edinburgh. I saw the
universities of that city draped in mourning for his
death, and I heard his eulogy pronounced by the
destitute populations of the Cowgate. Science and
revelation are the bass and the soprano of the same
tune. The whole world will yet acknowledge the
complete harmony. But between what my text describes
as science falsely so called and revelation, there is
an uncompromising war, and one or the other must go

At the present time the air is filled with social and
platform and pulpit talk about evolution, and it is
well that the people who have not time to make
investigation for themselves should understand that
evolution in the first place, is up-and-down, out-and-
out infidelity; in the second place, that it is
contrary to the facts of science, and in the third,
that it is brutalizing in its tendencies. I do not
argue that this is a genuine. book, I do not say that
the Bible is worthy of any kind of credence - those
are subjects for other Sabbaths - but I want you to
understand t ...

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