by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage
Amos 9:13

Picture of a tropical clime with a season so
prosperous that the harvest reaches clear over to the
planting time; and the swarthy husbandman swinging the
sickle in the thick grain almost feels the breath of
the horses on his shoulders, the horses hitched to the
plough preparing for a new crop. "Behold, the days
come, saith the Lord, that the ploughman shall
overtake the reaper." When is that? That is now. That
is this day when hardly have you done reaping one
harvest than the ploughman is getting ready for

I know that infidels and agnostics in phraseology
charged with all venom and abuse and caricature have
said that Christianity has collapsed, that the Bible
is an obsolete book, that the Christian Church is on
the retreat. I shall answer that wholesale charge in
this my last sermon on infidelity. But I now here
declare for the first time what has been the chief
motive in the delivery of these discourses against
infidelity. It was merely a preparation for what we
are now to begin in the way of evangelistic services.
I know, as you know, that thorough belief in the Bible
as the Word of God is the best influence to waken
people up to act in regard to their present and
everlasting welfare.

Vast multitudes, I believe, during these sermons
have been persuaded that the Bible is a commonsensical
book, that it is a reasonable book, that it is an
authentic book. Men have told me that while they had
been accustomed to receive the New Testament, they had
disbelieved the Old Testament, until by the blessing
of God they have now come to believe that the Old
Testament is just as true as the New.

A man said to me in Cleveland, Ohio, as he tapped
me on the shoulder: "I want to tell you that my son
who was at college, and who was a confirmed infidel,
wrote to me a letter which I got this morning, saying
that through the arguments you have presen ...

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