by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage
Matthew 7:16

Not in this country; not in any county. Thorns
stick, thorns bruise, thorns lacerate, but all the
thorns put together never yielded one cluster of
Catawba or Isabella grapes. Christ, who was the Master
of apt and potent illustration, is thus setting forth
what you and I well know, that you cannot get that
which is pleasant and healthful and good from that
which is bad. If you find a sound, large, beautiful
cluster of grapes, you know that it was produced by a
good grapevine, and not from a tangle of Canada
thistle. Now, if I can show you that this Holy Bible
yields good fruit, healthful fruit, grand fruit,
splendid fruit, you will come to the conclusion it is
a good Bible, and all the arguments against it will go
overboard. "Do men gather grapes of thorns?" Can a bad
book produce good results?

I have read many of the complaints made
concerning the Scriptures, and I classify all the
complaints under four heads: The Bible is an impure
book, the Bible is a cruel book, the Bible is a
contradictory book, the Bible is an unscientific book.

To prove that the Bible is an impure book, its
enemies read certain portions of the Bible and say,
"Now, that is not fit for the eye or the ear of the
domestic circle." They take Solomon's Song, read
certain portions, make their own interpretation, and
then fling down the book and say,"The Scriptures are a
polluted collection of writings." My friends, there is
one principle that no one will deny, and that is that
an impure book has impure results. That cause produces
that result. Now, you have known a great many people
who read the Bible, among your own friends - a great
many - who have been reading it for years. How many of
them have had their morals despoiled? Did it make your
father an impure man? Did it make your mother a bad
woman? What effect had it upon your sister who died in
the faith of t ...

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