by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage
Jer. 36:23

On a former occasion I employed this text for a
different purpose from that for which I shall now
employ it. There sits Jehoiakim in the winter house,
his feet to the fire, which is blazing and crackling
on the hearth. His private secretary, Jehudi, is
reading to him from a scroll containing God's words to
Jeremiah. Jehoiakim is displeased at the message, gets
very red in the face, jumps up and snatches the scroll
from the hand of his private secretary, takes out his
penknife, and cuts and slashes it all to pieces.
Jehoiakim was under the impression that if he
destroyed the scroll he would destroy the prophecy.
Ah! no. Jeremiah immediately takes another scroll and
the prophecy is redictated. The fact is that all the
penknives ever made at Sheffield and in all the
cutleries of the world cannot successfully destroy the
Scriptures. We have Jehoiakims in our day,
representatives of the infidelity of the hour, who
propose with their penknives to hack the Word of God
to pieces. With that penknife they try to stab Moses,
and to stab Joshua, and to stab all the prophets and
apostles, and evangelists, and to stab Christ, and to
stab the God of the Bible; but while they are cutting
to pieces their own copies of the Bible - for I
suppose they have only one copy of this dangerous book
in their houses, and that carefully guarded and locked
up so none of their friends may be poisoned by it -
there are innumerable copies of the Bible being

No book, secular or religious, ever multiplied
with such speed and into such vastness as the Word of
God. Disraeli's "Endymion," Macaulay's "History of
England," Shakespeare's dramas, having very small and
limited reading and very small and limited sale and
distribution as compared with this Book, which, after
for centuries being bombarded by thousands of enemies,
today has abroad over three hundred mi ...

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