by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage
Psalm 73:9

This is a full-length portrait of a blasphemer.
As a wolf howls at the sky, or a dog bays at the moon,
so in my text the blasphemer is represented as making
mouths at the heavens; and on the night when the wolf
shall frighten away the sky, and the dog shall stop
the moon, that night will the blasphemer drive away
the God of the Bible.

The modern blasphemer finds great cause for
caricature in the Bible statement that in Joshua's
time the sun and moon stood still to allow him to
complete his victory. He declares that an
impossibility. If a man have brain and strength enough
to make a clock, can he not start it and stop it, and
start it again and stop it again? If a machinist have
strength and brain enough to make a corn-thresher can
he not start it and stop it, and start it again and
stop it again? If God have strength and wisdom to make
the clock of the universe, the great machinery of the
worlds, has he not strength enough and wisdom enough
to start it and stop it, and start it again and stop
it again? or stop one wheel, or stop twenty wheels, or
stop all the wheels? Is the clock stronger than the
clockmaker? Does the corn thresher know more than the
machinist? Is the universe mightier than its God?

The infidel finds great cause of glee in the fact
that the Bible states that the moon stopped as well as
the sun. If you have never seen the moon in the
daytime, it is because you have not been a very
diligent observer of the heavens. Beside that, it was
not necessary for the world literally to stop. By
unusual refraction of the sun's rays the day might
have been prolonged. So that, while the earth
continued on its path in the heavens, it figuratively
stopped. You must remember that these Bible authors
used the vernacular of their own day, just as you and
I say the sun went down. The sun never goes down. We
simply describe what appears to the ...

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