by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage
Psalm 53:1

No one but a fool would say so, and he would not
say it with his head, for it does not require any
especial brain to see a design in all things, and
hence a designer. But the heart, the wicked heart, the
proud heart, is hurt at such a pure and overtowering
existence. "The fool hath said in his heart, there is
no God."

Were there any prospect of success, and an army
were organized to dethrone God, or drive him off of
the edges of existence, the first division of the army
would be made up of infidels. When the world slew
Jesus Christ, it showed what it would do with the
eternal God, if it could get its hands on him.

Prove a benevolent God and you prove a Bible. You
cannot think of a good God not giving a revelation to
his children. Atheism and infidelity are twin
brothers. The war against the Bible and against God is
no new thing. The infidels of our time are only
dealing in the second-hand furniture of Paine, and
Volney, and Hobbes, and Voltaire, save when they quote
from themselves, and the most of their lectures are
about one thing. It does not make any difference
whether they call it the "Mistakes of Moses," or
"Skulls," or the "Liberty of Man," woman and child, or
no name at all, it is the same lecture. There never
were men who carried on so large a business on such a
small capital, and that borrowed capital. They pick up
one bone from Adam's skeleton and run with that bone
through all their lectures, and it happens to be a
rib, and the rib that was said to be the nucleus for
the womanly creation; and they sharpen that rib, and
flourish it, and gnaw on it, and gnaw on it, and hold
on to it, as my greyhound for six months used to spend
all his spare time in gnawing on a bleached and
juiceless bone when he had plenty of good food offered
him. Coming suddenly on him in the morning, I would
find him gnawing that bone, though the day ...

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