by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage
I Timothy 4:8

There is a gloomy and passive way of waiting for events to
come upon us, and there is a heroic way of going out to
meet them, strong in God and fearing nothing. When the body
of Catiline was found on the battlefield it was found far
in advance of all his troops and among the enemy; and the
best way is not for us to lie down and let the events of
life trample over us, but to go forth in a Christian spirit
determined to conquer.

The papers are already made out, and tomorrow some of you
will enter into business partnership, and others of you
will take higher position in the commercial establishment
where you are now engaged, and others will enter upon new
enterprises, and there will be in these cities ten thousand
business changes. You are expecting prosperity, and I am
determined, so far as I have anything to do with it, that
you shall not be disappointed, and therefore I propose, as
God may help me this morning, to project upon your
attention a new element of success. You will have in the
business firm frugality, patience, industry, perseverance,
economy--a very strong business firm--but there needs be
one member added, mightier than them all, and not a silent
partner either--the one introduced by my text: "Godliness
which is profitable unto all things, having the promise of
the life that now is as well as of that which is to come."

I suppose you are willing to admit that Godliness is
important in its eternal relations; but perhaps some of you
say, "All I want is an opportunity to say a prayer before I
die and all will be well." There are a great many people
who suppose that if they can finally get safely out of this
world into a better world, they will have exhausted the
entire advantage of our holy religion. They talk as though
religion were a mere nod of recognition which we are to
give to the Lord Jesus, on our way ...

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