by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage
Isa. 53:12

My family, who saw it for themselves year before last, tell
me that in the Coliseum at Rome, where persecutors used to
let out the half-starved lions to eat up Christians, there
is now planted the figure of a cross. And I rejoice to know
that the upright piece of wood nailed to a transverse piece
has become the symbol, not more of suffering than of
victory. It is of Christ the Conqueror that my text speaks.
As a kingly warrior, having subdued an empire, might divide
the palaces, and mansions, and cities, and valleys, and
mountains among his officers, so Christ is going to divide
up all the earth and all the heavens among His people, and
you and I will have to take our share if we are strong in
faith and strong in our Christian loyalty; for my text
declares it, "He shall divide the spoil with the strong."

The capture of this round planet for Christ is not so much
of a job as you might imagine, when the Church takes off
its coat and rolls up its sleeves for the work, as it will.
There are sixteen hundred millions of people now in the
world, and there are four hundred and fifty million
Christians. Subtract the four hundred and fifty millions
who are Christians from the sixteen hundred millions, and
there are eleven hundred and fifty millions left to be
Christianized. Now divide the eleven hundred and fifty
millions by the four hundred and fifty millions already
Christianized, and it makes less than three people for each
Christian to bring to Christ. Surely when the Church gets
wide awake no Christian will be content to take to heaven
less than three. Why, I hope to take with me at least ten
thousand. I know evangelists that have already gathered
fifty thousand each for the kingdom. There are at least two
hundred thousand men in Christendom whose one business it
is to save souls. So that when I tell you all that we need
to average is three souls r ...

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