by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage
Joshua 1:5

Moses was dead. A beautiful tradition says the Lord
kissed him, and in that act drew forth the soul of the
dying lawgiver. He had been buried, only one Person at
the funeral, the same One who kissed him. But God
never takes a man away from any place of usefulness
until he has someone ready to replace him. The Lord
does not go looking around amid a great variety of
candidates to find some one especially fitted for the
vacated position. He makes a man for that place. Moses
has passed off the stage, and Joshua, the hero, puts
his foot on the platform of history so solidly that
all the ages echo with the tread. He was a magnificent
fighter, but he always fought on the right side, and
he never fought unless God told him to fight. He got
his military equipment from God, who gave him the
promise at the start: "There shall not any man be able
to stand before thee all the days of thy life." God
fulfilled this promise, although Joshua's first battle
was with the spring freshet; the next with a stone
wall; the next, leading on a regiment of whipped
cowards, and the next battle against darkness,
wheeling the sun and the moon into his battalion, and
the last, against the King of Terrors, Death - five
great victories.

As a rule, when the general of an army starts out in a
war he would like to have a small battle in order that
he may get his own courage up and rally his troops and
get them drilled for greater conflicts; but the first
undertaking of Joshua was greater than the leveling of
Fort Pulaski, or the assault of Gibraltar, or the
overthrow of the Hostile. It was the crossing of the
Jordan at the time of the spring freshet. The snows of
Mount Lebanon had just been melting and they poured
down into the valley, and the whole valley was a
raging torrent. So the Canaanites stand on one bank
and they look across and see Joshua and the
Israelites, and the ...

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