by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage
S. of Sol. 6:10

The fragrance of spikenard, the flash of jewels, the
fruitfulness of orchards, the luxuriance of gardens,
the beauty of Heshbon fish-pools, the dew of the
night, and the splendor of the morning-all contribute
to the richness of Solomon's style when he comes to
speak of the glory of the Church. In contrast with his
eulogium of the Church, look at the denunciatory
things that are said in our day in regard to it. If
one stockholder become a cheat, does that destroy the
whole company? If one soldier be a coward, does that
condemn the whole army? And yet there are many in this
day so unphilosophic, so illogical, so dishonest, and
so unfair, as to denounce the entire Church of God
because there are here and there bad men belonging to

There are those who say that the Church of God is not
up to the spirit of the day in which we live; but I
have to tell you that, notwithstanding all the swift
wheels and the flying shuttles and the lightning
communications, the world has never yet been able to
keep up with the Church. As high as God is above man,
so high is the Church of God higher than all human
institutions. From her lamp the best discoveries of
the world have been lighted. The best of our inventors
have believed in the Christian religion-the Fultons,
the Morses, the Whitneys, the Perrys, and the
Livingstones. She has owned the best of the telescopes
and Leyden jars; and while infidelity and atheism have
gone blindfolded among the most startling discoveries
that were about to be developed, the earth and the air
and the sea have made quick and magnificent responses
to Christian philosophers.

The world will not be up to the Church of Christ until
the day when all merchandise has become honest
merchandise and all governments have become free
governments and all nations evangelized nations, and
the last deaf ear of spiritual death shall be br ...

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