by T. De Witt Talmage

Dr. T. DeWitt Talmage
Gen. 47:8

The Egyptian capital was the focus of the world's
wealth. In ships and barges there had been brought to
it from India frankincense and cinnamon and ivory and
diamonds; from the North, marble and iron; from Syria,
purple and silk; from Arabia, some of the finest
horses of the world, and from Greece some of the most
brilliant chariots; and from all the earth, that which
could best please the eye and charm the ear and
gratify the taste. There were temples aflame with red
sandstone entered by gateways that were guarded by
pillars bewildering with hieroglyphics and garlanded
with brazen serpents and adorned with winged creatures
- their eyes and beaks and pinions glittering with
precious stones. There were marble columns blooming
into white flower beds; there were stone pillars at
the top bursting into the shape of the lotus when in
full bloom. Along the avenues lined with sphinx and
fane and obelisk, there were princes who came in
gorgeously upholstered palanquins, carried by servants
in scarlet, or elsewhere drawn by vehicles, the snow-
white horses, golden-bitted and six abreast, dashing
at full run. On floors of mosaic the glories of
Pharaoh were spelled out in letters of porphyry and
beryl and flame. There were ornaments twisted from the
wood of tamarisk, embossed with silver breaking into
foam. There were footstools made out of a single
precious stone. There were beds fashioned out of
crouched lion in bronze. There were chairs spotted
with the sleek hides of leopards. There were sofas
footed with the claws of wild beasts, and armed with
the beaks of birds. As you stand on the level beach of
the sea on a summer day, and look either way, there
are miles of breakers, white with the ocean foam,
dashing shoreward, so it seemed as if the sea of the
world's pomp and wealth in the Egyptian capital for
miles and miles flung itself up into white br ...

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