by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage

Psalms, 119: 89: " Forever, 0 Lord, thy word is settled in

This world has been in process of change ever since
it was created. Mountains born, mountains dying,
and they have both cradle and grave. Once this planet
was all fluid, and no being, such as you or I have ever
seen, could have lived on it a minute. Our hemi-
sphere turns its face to the sun, and then turns its back.
The axis of the earth's revolution has shifted. The
earth's center of gravity is changed. Once flowers
grew in the Arctic and there was snow in the Tropic.
There has been a re-distribution of land and sea, the
land crumbling into the sea, the sea swallowing the
land. Ice and fire have fought for the possession of
this planet. The chemical composition of the air is
different now from what it once was. Volcanoes once
terribly alive are dead, not one throb of fiery pulse,
not one breath of vapor. The ocean changing its
amount of saline qualities. The internal fires of the
earth are gradually eating their way to the surface.
Upheaval and subsidence of vast realms of continent.

Moravians in Greenland have removed their boat
poles because the advancing sea submerged them.
Linneus records that eighty-seven years before a
rock was one hundred feet nearer the water than
when he wrote. Forests have been buried by the sea,
and land that was cultured by farmer's hoe can be
touched only by sailor's anchor. Loch Nevis of Scot-
land, and Dingle Bay of Ireland, and the fjords of
Norway, where pleasure boats now float, were once
valleys and glens. Many of the islands of the sea are
the tops of sunken mountains. Six thousand miles
of the Pacific Ocean are sinking. The diameter of
the earth, according to scientific announcement, is
one hundred and eighty-nine miles less than it was.
The entire configuration of the earth is altered. Hills
are denuded of their forests. The frosts and the
waters and the air bombard the earth ti ...

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