by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage

Luke, 10: 29: "Who is my neighbor."

A keen lawyer had Christ under the fire of cross-
examination, and this was one of the questions. The
answer which Christ gave, enlarged the world's idea
of neighborhood, and that idea of neighborhood has
ever since been enlarging. It seemed a figure of
speech to say that people living on the other side
of the world were our neighbors; but steam from
Southampton to New York, and from China to San
Francisco, and rail-tracks across all the continents,
and cables under all the seas, have literally made the
whole earth one neighborhood.

Is the Chinaman a neighbor? Does he belong to
the race of which God is the Father? Is he a brute,
or an immortal? Will he help us, or will he hurt us?
Must he be welcomed, or driven back? These are
tremendous questions which press upon the nation,
and answer them we must, and answer them we will.
The subject will yet be as much of an agitation on
the Atlantic coast as it is on the Pacific coast. I wish
that what I say on this subject might be received in
silence, for though neither your approval nor disap-
proval would disturb me, it might disturb others.

I want you, to start right in your opinions, and
therefore, I shall give you the result of one summer's
observation in California, where the Chinese popula-
tions have become an important factor. Arriving in
San Francisco Saturday afternoon, August 7th, I
had been but a few moments in my hotel when the
highest officers of the city called upon me in the in-
terest of the anti-Chinese sentiment, and from morn-
ing until night, and for many days, I do not think
there was half an hour in which I was not brought
into the presence of this subject by committee, or let-
ter, or document; so that if any man ever had a good
opportunity of seeing the whole subject from both
sides, I had that opportunity.

It is the habit to take people from the East to see
the Chinese quarte ...

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