by T. De Witt Talmage

A Thanksgiving Sermon.
T. DeWitt Talmage

Ezekiel, 10: 13: " As for the wheels, it was cried unto them
in my hearing, 0 wheel!"

Next Thursday will, by proclamation of President
and Governors, be observed in Thanksgiving for tem-
poral mercies. With what spirit shall we enter upon
it? For nearly a year and a half this nation has been
celebrating the triumph of sword and gun and bat-
tery. We have sung martial airs and cheered return-
ing heroes and sounded the requiem for the slain in
battle. Methinks it will be a healthful change if this
Thanksgiving week, in church and homestead, we
celebrate the victories of peace: for nothing was done
at Santiago or Manila that was of more importance
than that which in the last year has been done in
farmer's field, and mechanic's shop, and author's study,
by those who never wore an epaulette or shot a
Spaniard or went a hundred miles from their own
door-sill. And now I call your attention to the
wheel of the text.

Man, a small speck in the universe, was set down in
a big world, high mountains rising before him, deep
seas arresting his pathway, and wild beasts capable of
his destruction; yet he was to conquer. It could not
be by physical force, for, compare his arm with the
ox's horn and the elephant's tusk, and how weak he
is! It could not be by physical speed, for compare
him to the antelope's foot and ptarmigan's wing, and
how slow he is! It could not be by physical capacity
to soar or plunge, for the condor beats him in one
direction, and the porpoise in the other. Yet he was
to conquer the world. Two eyes, two hands, and two
feet were insufficient. He must be reinforced, so
God sent the wheel.

Twenty-two times is the wheel mentioned in the
Bible. Sometimes, as in Ezekiel, illustrating provi-
dential movement; sometimes, as in the Psalms, crush-
ing the bad; sometimes, as in Judges, representing
God's charioted progress. The wheel that started in
Exodus, ...

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