by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage
Exodus, 20: 1-17: "The Ten Commandments."

The lightnings and earthquakes united their forces to
wreck a mountain of Arabia Petraea in olden time, and
travelers today find heaps of porphyry and greenstone
rocks, boulder against boulder, the remains of the
first law library, written, not on parchment or
papyrus, but on shattered slab of granite. The
cornerstones of all morality, of all wise law, of all
righteous jurisprudence, of all good government, are
the two tablets of stone on which were written the Ten
Commandments. All Roman law, all French law, all
English law, all American law that is worth anything,
all common law, civil law, criminal law, martial law,
law of nations, were rocked in the cradle of the
twentieth chapter of Exodus. And it would be well in
these times of great political agitation if the
newspapers would print the Decalogue some day in place
of the able editorial. But let the Ten Commandments
loose upon the great political parties of our day and
there would be wild panic.

The fact is that some people suppose that the law has
passed out of existence, and some are not aware of
some of the passages of that law, and others say this
or that is of the more importance, when no one has any
right to make such an assertion. These laws are the
pillars of society, and if you remove one pillar you
damage the whole structure. I have noticed that men
are particularly vehement against sins to which they
are not particularly tempted, and find no especial
wrath against sins in which they themselves indulge.
They take out one gun from this battery of ten guns,
and load that and unlimber that and fire that. They
say: This is an Armstrong gun, and this is a Krupp
gun, and this is a Nordenfelt five-barreled gun, and
this is a Gatling ten-barreled gun, and this is a
Martini thirty-seven barreled gun." But I have to tell
them that they are all of ...

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