by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage

Luke, 24: 47: "Beginning at Jerusalem."

"There it is," said the driver, and we all instantly
and excitedly rose in the carriage to catch the first
glimpse of Jerusalem, so long the joy of the whole
earth. That city, coroneted with temple and palace
and radiant, whether looked up at from the valley of
Jehoshaphat or gazed at from adjoining hills, was the
capital of a great nation. Clouds of incense had hov-
ered over it. Chariots of kings had rolled through it.
Battering-rams of enemies had thundered against it.
There Isaiah prophesied, and Jeremiah lamented, and
David reigned, and Paul preached, and Christ was
martyred. Most interesting city ever built since ma-
sonry rung its first trowel, or plumb-line tested its
first wall, or royalty swung its first sceptre. What
Jerusalem was to the Jewish kingdom, Washington is
to our own country-the capital, the place to which all
the tribes come up, the great national heart whose
throb sends life or death through the body politic,
clear out to the geographical extremities.

What the resurrected Christ said in my text to his
disciples, when he ordered them to start on the work
of Gospelization, "beginning at Jerusalem," it seems
to me God says now, in his Providence, to tens of
thousands of Christians in this city. Start for the
evangelization of America, "beginning at Washing-
ton." America is going to be taken for God. As
surely as God lives, and he is able to do as he says he
will, this country will be evangelized from the mouth
of the Potomac to the mouth of the Oregon, from the
Highlands of Navesink to the Golden Horn, from
Baffin's Bay to the Gulf of Mexico; and Christ will
walk every lake, whether bestormed or placid, and be
transfigured on every mountain, and the night skies,
whether they hover over groves of magnolia or over
Alaskan glacier, shall be filled with angelic overture of
"Glory to God and good-will to men." Warned by
the doom ...

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