by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage

Esther, 4: 14: " Who knoweth whether thou art come to
the kingdom for such a time at this? "

Esther the beautiful was the wife of Ahasuerus
the abominable. The time had come for her to pre-
sent a petition to her infamous husband in behalf of
the Jewish nation-, to which sire brad once belonged.
She was afraid to undertake the work, lest she should
lose her own life; but her cousin Mordecai, who had
brought her up, encouraged her with the suggestion
that probably she had been raised up of God for that
peculiar mission. "Who knoweth whether thou art
come to the kingdom for such a time as this." Esther
had her God-appointed work; you and I have ours.
It is my business to tell you what style of men and
women you ought to be in order that you may meet
the demand of the age in which God has cast your lot.
If you have come expecting to hear abstractions dis-
cussed, or dry technicalities of religion glorified, you
have come to the wrong church, but if you really
would like to know what this age has a right to ex-
pect of you as Christian men and women, then I am
ready, in the Lord's name, to look you in the face.

When two armies have rushed into battle, the offi-
cers of each army do not want a philosophical dis-
cussion about the chemical properties of human blood
or the nature of gunpowder; they want some one to
man the batteries and swab out the guns. And now,
when all the forces of light and darkness, of heaven
and hell, have plunged into the fight, it is no time to
give ourselves to the definitions and formulas and
technicalities and conventionalities of religion. What
we want is practical, earnest, concentrated, enthusi-
astic and triumphant help.

In the first place, in order to meet the special de-
mand of this age, you need to be unmistakably aggres-
sive Christians. Of half-and-half Christians we do
not want any more. The Church of Jesus Christ
would be better without ten thous ...

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