by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage

Rev., 19: 4: "Amen! Alleluia!"

The nineteenth century is departing. After it has
taken a few more steps, if each year be a step, it will be
gone into the eternities. In a short time we shall be in
the last decade of this century, which fact makes the
solemnest book outside the Bible the almanac, and the
most suggestive and the most tremendous piece of
machinery in all the earth, the clock, The last decade
of this century, upon which we shall soon enter, will be
the grandest, mightiest, and most decisive decade in
all the chronologies. I am glad it is not to come im-
mediately, for we need by a new baptism of the Holy
Ghost to prepare for it. Does any one say that this
division of time is arbitrary? Oh, no; in other ages
the divisions of time may have been, but our years date
from Christ. Does any one say that the grouping of
ten together is an arrangement arbitrary? Oh, no;
next to the figure seven, ten is with God a favorite
number. Abraham dwelt ten years in Canaan. Ten
righteous men would have saved Sodom. In the an-
cient tabernacle were ten curtains, their pillars ten and
their sockets ten. In the ancient temple were ten la-
vers and ten candlesticks and ten tables and a molten
sea of ten cubits. And the Commandments written on
the granite of Mount Sinai were ten, and the kingdom
of God was likened to ten virgins, and ten men should
lay hold of him that was a Jew, and the reward of the
greatly faithful is that they shall reign over ten cities,
and in the effort to take the census of the New Jerusa-
lem the number ten swings around the thousands, cry-
ing "ten thousand times ten thousand." So I come to
look toward the closing ten years of the nineteenth
century with an intensity of interest I can hardly de-
scribe. I have also noticed that the favorite time for
great events in many of the centuries was the closing
fragment of the century. There is apt to be at such a
time a c ...

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