by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage

II Kings, 20: 7: "And Isaiah said, Take a lump of figs.
And they took and laid it on the boil, and he recovered."

Good Hezekiah had been given up to die by the
surgeons and by the clergy. Recovery was pro-
nounced an impossibility. Then God came to the res-
cue and- prescribed for the illness, and a great change
took place. A lump of figs was the cool and strong-
poultice applied to the carbuncle, and Hezekiah rises
from his sick bed for fifteen more years of earthly ex-

Our afflicted United States President in his suffer-
ings has been the anxiety of all Christendom for the
last eight weeks. More recently attention was di-
verted from the wound by the assassin to the virulent
swelling which resisted the poultice, and the danger
which the doctors said was imminent and the worst.
Convalescence after convalescence, relapse after re-
lapse, and last Saturday a week he was given up to die.
All the six or seven surgeons decided that he must die;
all the medical men throughout the United States, so
far as heard from, declared that death was just at
hand; all the newspapers said that soon the President
would pass out of life. Those who had been most
hopeful became despairing. Just in that darkest hour,
in answer to the prayers that have been going up day
and night from church and store-house, from rail-train
and ship's deck, from all the civilized nations of the
earth, a change took place, and the symptoms of the
patient are more promising now than at any time since
the murderous revolver attempted its work. I rejoice
with trembling, but I rejoice and hope, that President
Garfield will get well. But never within your mem-
ory or mine has there been such a conspicuous and in-
disputable evidence of the fact that God honors prayer.
Men who for forty years had not offered a supplication
bent the knee during the last eight weeks. People
who had no suspicion that they were praying, at th ...

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