by T. De Witt Talmage

DeWitt Talmage

Ps., 104: 3: " Who maketh the clouds his chariot."
Brutes are constructed so as to look down. Those
earthly creatures that have wings, when they rise
from the earth, still look down; and the eagle
searches for mice in the grass, and the raven for car-
cases in the field. Man alone is made to look up.
To induce him to look up, God makes the sky a pic-
ture-gallery, a Dusseldorf, a Louvre, a Luxembourg,
a Vatican, that eclipses all that German or French or
Italian art ever accomplished. But God has failed so
far to attract the attention of most of us by the scenery
of the sky. We go into raptures over flowers in the
soil, but have little or no appreciation of the "morn-
ing-glories" that bloom on the wall of the sky at sun-
rise, or the dahlias in the clouds at sunset. We are in
ecstasies over a gobelin tapestry or a bridal veil of rare
fabric or a snowbank of exquisite curve; but we see
not at all, or see without eiotion. the bridal veils of
mist that cover the face of the Catskills or the sway-
ing upholstery around the couch of the dying day or
the snowbanks of vapor piled up in the heavens.

My text bids us lift our chin three or four inches
and open the two telescopes which, under the fore-
head, are put on swivel easily turned upward, and see
that the clouds are not merely uninteresting signs of
wet or dry weather, but that they are embroidered
canopies of shade; that they are the conservatories of
the sky; that they are thrones of pomp; that they are
crystalline bars; that they are paintings in water-color;
that they are the angels of the mist; that they are great
cathedrals of light with broad aisles for angelic beings
to walk through and bow at altars of amber and ala-
baster; that they are the mothers of the dew; that
they are ladders for ascending and descending glories,
Cotopaxis of belching flame, Niagaras of color; that
they are the masterpieces of the Lord God Almighty.

The clo ...

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