by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage

Isa., 62: 4: "Thy land shall be married."

As the greater includes the less, so does the circle
of future joy around our entire world include the epi-
cycle of our own republic. Bold, exhilarant, unique,
divine imagery of the text. At the close of a week
in which for three days our National Capitol was a
pageant, and all that grand review, and bannered pro-
cession, and National Anthems could do, celebrated
peace, it may not be inapt to anticipate the time when
the Prince of Peace and the Heir of Universal Domin-
ion shall take possession of this nation, and "thy land
shall be married."

In discussing the final destiny of this nation, it
makes all the difference in tthe world whether we are
on the way to a funeral or a wedding. The Bible
leaves no doubt on this subject. In pulpits, and on
platforms, and in places of public concourse, I hear so
many of the muffled drums of evil prophecy sounded,
as though we were on the way to national interment,
and beside Thebes and Babylon and Tyre in the
cemetery of dead nations our republic was to be en-
tombed, that I wish you to understand it is not to be
obsequies, but nuptials; not mausoleum, but carpeted
altar; not cypress, but orange-blossoms; not requiem,
but wedding march; for "thy land shall be married."
I propose to name some of the suitors who are claim-
ing the hand of this republic. This land is so fair, so
beautiful, so affluent, that it has many suitors, and it
will depend much upon your advice whether this or
that shall be accepted or rejected. Even if your ad-
vice in regard to national betrothal is not regarded,
you will have discharged your responsibility.

In the first place, I remark: :there is a greedy,
all-grasping monster who comes in as suitor seeking
the hand of this republic, and that monster is known
by the name of Monopoly. His sceptre is made out
of the iron of the rail track and the wire of telegraphy.
He does every ...

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