by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage

Job, 37: 1O: " By the breath of God frost is given."

Nothing is more embarrassing to an organist or a
pianist than to put his finger on a key of the instrument
and have it make no response. Though all the other
keys are in full play, that one silence spoils the music.
So in the great cathedral of nature if one part fail to
praise the Lord the harmony is halted and lost. While
fire and hail, snow and vapor, respond to the touch of
inspiration, if the frost made no utterance, the orches-
tral rendering would be hopelessly damaged and the
harmony forever incomplete. I am more glad than I
can tell that the white key of the frost sounds forth as
mightily as any of the other keys, and when David
touches it in the Psalm, it sounds forth the words:
"He scattereth the hoar frost like ashes," and when
job touches it in my text, it resounds with the words:
"By the breath of God frost is given."

As no one seems disposed to discuss the mission
of frost, depending on divine help, I undertake it.
This is the first Sabbath of winter. The leaves are
down-. The warmth- has- gone out of the air. The
birds have made their winged march southward. The
landscape has been scarred by the autumnal equinox.
The huskers have rifled the corn-shocks. The night
sky has shown the usual meteoric restlessness of No-
vember. Three seasons of the year are past, and the
fourth and last has entered. Another element now
comes in to bless and adorn and instruct the world.
It is the frost. The palaces of this king are far up
in the Arctic. Their walls are glittering congelation,
Windsor Castles and Tuileries and Winter Palaces
and Kenilworths and Alhambras of ice. Temples
with pendant chandeliers of ice. Thrones of iceberg,
on which eternal silence reigns. Theatres on whose
stage eternal cold dramatizes eternal winter. Pillars
of ice. Arches of ice. Crowns of ice. Chariots of
ice. Sepulchres of ice. Mountains of ice. Do ...

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