by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage

Isa., 60: 13: "The glory of Lebanon shall come unto thee,
the fir-tree, the pine-tree, and the box together, to beautify
the place of my sanctuary."

On our way from -Damascus we saw the mountains
of Lebanon white with snow, and the places from
which the cedars were hewn, and then drawn by ox-
teams down to the Mediterranean Sea, and then
floated in great rafts to Joppa, and then again drawn
by ox-teams up to Jerusalem to build Solonion's
teminnle. Those mighty t,rees- ni-,v text are called-
the " glory of Lebanon." Inanimate nature felt the
effects of the first transgression. When Eve touched
the forbidden tree, it seems as if the sinful contact had
smitten not only that tree, but as if the air caught
the pollution from the leaves, and as if the sap had
carried the virus down into the very soil until the
entire earth reeked with the leprosy. Under that sin-
ful touch nature withered. The inanimate creation,
as if aware of the damage done it, sent up the thorn
and briar and nettle to wound, and fiercely oppose,
the human race. Now, as the physical earth felt the
effects of the first transgression, so it shall also feel
the effects of the Saviour's mission. As from that one
tree in Paradise a blight went forth through the entire
earth, so from one tree on Calvary another force shall
speed out to interpenetrate and check, subdue and
override, the evil. In the end it shall be found that
the tree of Calvary has more potency than the tree
of Paradise. As the nations are evangelized, I think
a corresponding change will be effected in the natural
world. I verily believe that the trees, and the birds,
and the rivers, and the skies will have their millen-
nium. If man's sin affected the ground, and the
vegetation, and the atmosphere, shall Christ's work
be less powerful or less extensive?

Doubtless God will take the irregularity and fierce-
ness from the elements so as to make them congenial
to t ...

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