by T. De Witt Talmage

A Thanksgiving Sermon
T.DeWitt Talmage

Genesis, 37: 7: "We were binding sheaves in the field,
and lo, my sheaf arose, and also stood upright; and, behold,
your sheaves stood round about, and made obeisance to my

A Josephic dream! At seventeen years of age,
and when life is most roseate, Joseph, in vision, saw
a great harvest field, himself and his brethren at work
in it, and after a while the sheaf that he was binding
rose up with an imperial air, and the sheaves of the
other harvesters fell flat on their faces as the over-
awed subjects of an empire might fall down on their
faces before a king. The dream was fulfilled when
there was famine in Egypt and Joseph had the care of
all the corn-cribs, and his brethren came and implored
food from him. Sure enough, all their sheaves bowed
to his sheaf. A Thanksgiving Day vision! I am
awav out in the center of a field where the harvests of
all nations are reaping. Here is the great American
sheaf. Sheaf of wheat, sheaf of rice, sheaf of corn,
sheaf floral; agricultural, homological, mineralogical,
literary and moral prosperities-all bound together in
one great sheaf. It is kingly, and on its brow is the
golden coronal of all the year's sunshine, and in its
presence all the sheaves of European and Asiatic har-
vests bend and fall down, feeling their littleness. Oh,
the sheaf, the golden sheaf, the overtopping sheaf of
American prosperity! Other nations far surpass ours
in antiquities, in cathedrals, in titled pomp, in art gal-
leries; but in most things their sheaves must bow to
our sheaf. I have an idea that the most favored con-
stellation of immensity is the one of which the earth is
a star, and of the hemispheres the western is the most
favored, and that of the zones the temperate is the
more desirable, and the United States are the best
part of the American continent. The best place on
earth to live is here. Had it not been so, there would
have been t ...

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