by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage

Isaiah, 64: 6: " We all do fade as a leaf."

It is so hard for us to understand religious truth
that God constantly reiterates. As the schoolmaster
takes a blackboard, and puts upon it figures and dia-
grams, so that the scholar may not only get his lesson
through the ear, but also through the eye, so God
takes all the truths of his Bible, and draws them out
in diagram on the natural world. Champollion, the
famous Frenchman, went down into Egypt to studv
hieroglyphics on monuments and temples. After
much labor he deciphered them, and announced to
the learned world the result of his investigations. The
wisdom, goodness, and power of God are written in
hieroglyphics all over the earth and all over the
heaven. God grant that we may have understanding
enough to decipher them! There are Scriptural pas-
sages, like my text, which need to be studied in the
very presence of the natural world. Habakkuk says,
"Thou makest my feet like hinds' feet," a passage
which means nothing save to the man that knows that
the feet of the red deer, or hind, are peculiarly con-
structed, so that they can walk among slippery rocks
without falling. Knowing that fact, we understand
that, when Habakkuk says, "Thou makest my feet like
hinds' feet," he sets forth that the Christian can walk
amid the most dangerous and slippery places without

Those know but little of the meaning of the nat-
ural world, who have looked at it through the eyes of
others, and from book or canvas taken their impres-
sion. There are some faces so mobile that photog-
raphers cannot take them; and the face of Nature has
such a flush and sparkle and life that no human de-
scription can gather them. No one knows the pathos
of a bird's voice unless he sometime sat at summer
evening-tide at the edge of a wood, and listened to the
cry of the whip-poor-will. This accounts for the fact
that nearly all the real poets of the world were b ...

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