T. DeWitt Talmage

Psalm, 94: 9: " He that planted the ear, shall he not hear?"

Architecture is one of the most fascinating arts,
and the study of Egyptian, Grecian, Etruscan, Roman,
Byzantine, Moorish and Renaissance styles of building
has been to many a man a sublime life-work. Lincoln
and York cathedrals, St. Paul's and St. Peter's, and
Arch of Titus, and Theban Temple, and Alhambra
and Parthenon are the monuments to the genius of
those who built them. But more wonderful than any
arch they ever lifted, or any transept window they ever
illumined or any Corinthian column they ever
crowned, or any Gothic cloister they ever elaborated,
is the human ear. No one but the infinite God could
have fashioned it.

Among the most skilful and assiduous physiolo-
gists of our time have been those who have given
their time to the examination of the ear and the study-
ing of its arches, its walls, its floor, its canals, its
aqueducts, its galleries, its intricacies, its convolutions,
its divine machinery, and yet it will take another
thousand years before the world comes to any ade-
quate appreciation of what God did when he planned
and executed the infinite and overmastering archi-
tecture of the human ear. The most of it is invisible,
and the microscope breaks down in the attempt at ex-
ploration. The cartilage which we call the ear is onlv
the storm-door of the great temple clear down out of
sight, next door to the immortal soul. Such scien-
tists as Helmholtz and Le Conte and de Blainville and
Ranke and Buck have attempted to walk the Appian
Way of the human ear, but the mysterious pathway
has never been fully trodden but by two feet-the foot
of sound and the foot of God. Three ears on each
side the head-the external ear, the middle ear, the
internal ear-but all connected by most wonderful

The external ear in all ages adorned by precious
stones or precious metals. The Temple of Jerusalem
was partly built by th ...

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