by T. De Witt Talmage

By T. DeWitt Talmage

Ps., 72: 8: " He shall have dominion also from sea to sea."

What two seas are referred to? Some might say
that the text meant that Christ was to reign over all
the land between the Arabian Sea and Caspian Sea, or
between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, or
between the Black Sea and the North Sea. No; in
such case my text would have named them. It meant
from any large body of water on the earth clear across
to any other large body of water. And so I have a
right to read it: "He shall have dominion from At-
lantic to Pacific."

First, consider the immensity of this possession.
I unroll before you the map of the regions to be tra-
versed and conquered. If it were only a small tract
of land capable of nothing better than sage-brush, and
with ability only to support prairie-dogs, I should not
have much enthusiasm in wanting Christ to have it
added to his dominion. But its immensity and afflu-
ence no one can imagine, unless, in immigrant wagon
or stage-coach, or in rail-train of the Union Pacific or
the Northern Pacific or the Canadian Pacific or the
Southern Pacific, he has traversed it. Having been
privileged six times to cross this continent, and twice
this summer, I have come to some appreciation of its
magnitude. California, which I supposed in my boy-
hood, from its size on the map, was a few yards across;
a ridge of land on which one must walk cautiously lest
he hit his head against the Sierra Nevada on one side,
or slip off into the Pacific waters on the other-Cali-
fornia, the thin slice of land, as I supposed it to be in
boyhood, I have found to be larger than all the States
of New England and all New York State and all
Pennsylvania added together; for if you add them to-
gether their square miles fall far short of California.
North and South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming
and Washington Territory, since launched into State-
hood, were giants at their birth. Let the Cong ...

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