by Ken Trivette

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God Has Been Good to Us (9 of 10)
Series: How To Face The Days That Are Ahead
Ken Trivette
Psalm 23:5


I. BLESSINGS THAT ARE ABUNDANT! A) How Generous the Blessings of the Lord B) How Gracious the Blessings of the Lord II. BLESSINGS THAT ARE APPROPRIATED! A) Our Enrichment B) Our Enjoyment III. BLESSINGS THAT ARE APPRECIATED! A) Overflow in a Thankful Heart B) Overflow in a Trustful Heart

1. As we look back over our all the days of our life, we can look at life as being something positive or as something negative. We can look back with regret or with rejoicing. It all depends on what we look at. There are those who see the glass half full and others who see it half empty. I think of the little rhyme:

Two men looked through bars One saw mud The other saw stars.

2. There is the story of the two buckets. One bucket was an optimist and the other was a pessimist. The pessimist said as it approached the well, ''There has never been a life as disappointing as mine. I never come away from the full, but what I return empty again.'' The optimist said as it approached the well, ''There has never been a life as happy as mine. I never come to the well empty, but what I go away full again.''

3. I read the story of two men that went to the same Church one Sunday morning. One heard the organist miss a note and winced. He saw a teenager talking when everyone was supposed to ''bow in prayer.'' He felt the usher was watching what he put in the offering plate and it aggravated him. He caught the preacher making a slip of the tongue five times in the sermon, and as he walked out he said to himself, ''What good it does for me to come to Church.'' The other heard the organist play an arrangement of ''A Mighty Fortress'' and was thrilled by the majesty of it. He was moved by a young girl who gave her testimony and told of how her faith made a difference in her life. He was glad when they received an offering for missions. He especially appreciated the serm ...

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