by Ken Trivette

Ken Trivette
1 John 1:7

1. I read the story of an old Negro deacon who was all
the time shouting. He shouted during the singing. He
shouted during the preaching. He shouted upon every
provocation. He was like the fellow who said, "I'll
shout at the drop of a hat and I'll even drop the
hat." As long as his old pastor was there, the
deacon's shouting didn't bother him. He liked the
shouting. He was the shouting kind himself. But then
the old pastor died and the church called a college
man who was an excellent preacher but was very formal.
He preached in a frock-tailed coat and was very
precise in his English and polished in his mannerisms.

2. Yet, this didn't slow the old deacon down and when
the new pastor would preach, he would cut loose at the
top of his voice, "Amen! Glory to God! Amen!
Hallelujah!" The new preacher didn't like his shouting
so he called a couple of the deacons together and
said, "Brethren, I want you to go to that old man and
stop his shouting."

3. The deacons went to see the old man and found him
out in the field plowing. They talked a bit about the
crops and weather and then finally got down to the
purpose of their visit. They said to him, "We likes
you. We knows you got religion. But our new pastor, he
doesn't likes you shoutin'. He says you are hurting
his preaching. He says it's not dignified and

4. The old man had been standing there holding the
reins to his mule, staring at the ground, quietly
listening to what they were saying. Finally he looked
at them and said, "Brethren, I noticed what yo' all is
talking about. I want to give it up and almost make up
my mind that I won't shout. Then I thinks how Jesus
came down from heaven, how He died for me, how He
washed me in His blood. When I thinks how He saved my
black soul; brethren, hold this mule while I shouts."

5. There are times when I feel like the old deacon. ...

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