by Ken Trivette

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Doing First What Should Be Done First (1 of 5)
First Things First
Ken Trivette
Luke 9:57-62

1. In one of G. Campbell Morgan's books he tells of
hearing Margaret Bottome, the founder of "The Kings
Daughter's in America," speak at D.L. Moody's
Northfield Conference. Morgan was moved by a story she
shared with the great crowd. It was a story that came
from her experience while traveling in the Far East.
The group she was with required a guide. One of the
first things the guide did was to say to the group,
"Will you be good enough to give everything to me? I
will take charge of everything." The group handed over
to him all their baggage, but some of the ladies kept
their handbags. The guide said to them, "You must give
everything to me." The ladies of course protested, but
the guide told them that they would be safer with him
and they would be safer without them.

2. A little later they were waiting at a train station
for a train. A train came in and the group boarded the
train and took a seat. The guide boarded the train and
said to the group, "Will you be good enough to get off
the train." They all got off the train and asked why
he wanted them to get off. He replied, "That is the
wrong train. Will you be kind enough not to go before
me, but after me?"

3. As they continued their journey they began to
wonder about their provisions and accommodations once
they arrived at their destination. They had met
someone that was returning from the place they were
going who had told them that there were no
accommodations to be found. They asked the guide about
the matter but he was strangely silent. When they
arrived they found all things ready and rooms prepared
for them. The guide said to them, "Perhaps you will
trust me to prepare for you ahead."

4. Then the guide reminded them that he was their
guide and as their guide there were three things
required: "Give everything to me. Follow me; but do
not ...

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