by Ken Trivette

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Big Prayers, Big Answers (6 of 6)
The Prayer of Jabez
Ken Trivette
1 Chronicles 4:9-10

1. I recently came across some prayers that were
prayed by children. Let me share with you a few of
those prayers:
(Debbie, age 7) "Dear God: Please send a new baby for
Mommy. The new baby you sent last week cries too
(Jimmy, age 6) "Dear God: Who did you make smarter?
Boys or girls? My sister and I want to know."
(Norma, age 8) "Dear God: How many angels are there in
heaven? I would like to be the first kid in my class
to know the answer."
(Angela, age 8) "Dear God: This is my prayer. Could
you please give my brother some brains? So far he
doesn't have any."
(Hank, age 7) "Dear Lord: Thank you for the nice day
today. You even fooled the TV weather man."
(Agnes, age 6) "Dear God: Please bring me a new
brother. The one I got socks me all the time."
(Lois, age 9) "Dear God: Please help me is school. I
need help in spelling, adding, history, geography and
writing. I don't need help in anything else."
(Diane, age 8) "Dear God: I am saying my prayers for
me and my brother, Billy, because Billy is six months
old and he can't do anything but sleep and wet his

2. Over the past several weeks we have been looking
at the prayer of Jabez. I hope that the prayer of
Jabez has become as much a part of your life as it has
mine. When I get up in the morning, I find myself
praying this prayer. All through the day I find myself
praying the prayer. It has become such a part of me
that almost without thought, I find myself praying for
the same things Jabez prayed for.

3. The prayer of Jabez has renewed and revived the
place of prayer, the purpose of prayer, and the power
of prayer in my personal life. My prayer life has been
greatly challenged. I have found myself praying for
things that I have often prayed for in the past, but
now, I pray for those things with the confidence that
I will se ...

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