by Ken Trivette

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Lord, I Want You To Enlarge My Coast (3 of 6)
The Prayer of Jabez
Ken Trivette
1 Chronicles 4:9-10

1. In Bruce Wilkinson's Prayer of Jabez he tells a
fictitious story that reaches out and grabs one by the
heart. It is a story called "Mr. Jones Goes To
Heaven." There is a Mr. Jones who dies and goes to
heaven. Peter is waiting at the gates to give him a
tour of his new home. Peter shows him around and Mr.
Jones sees the golden-streets, the beautiful mansions
and hears the choirs of angels. But while on the tour
Mr. Jones sees an odd-looking house. It looks like an
enormous warehouse.

2. When he asks Peter if he can look inside, Peter
says, "You really don't want to see what's in there."
Mr. Jones wonders to himself, why would there be any
secrets in heaven? Mr. Jones insists to see what is
inside and finally Peter takes him inside the strange
looking building. When Mr. Jones steps inside he
discovers that the enormous building is filled with
row after row of shelves, floor to ceiling, each
stacked neatly with white boxes tied in red ribbons.

3. Mr. Jones notices that all the boxes have names on
them. He looks at Peter and asks, "Do I have one?"
Peter, trying to guide Mr. Jones back outside says,
"Yes, you do, but if I were you..." and before he
could finished Mr. Jones dashed to the "J" aisle to
find his box. Peter follows, shaking his head and he
catches up with Mr. Jones just as he is slipping the
red ribbon off his box. Mr. Jones pop's the lid and
looks inside. There is a moment of recognition and Mr.
Jones lets out a sigh. Inside that white box are all
the blessings that God wanted to give him while he was
on earth, but Mr. Jones had never asked for them.

4. There are many things that God wants to do for us,
through us, with us and by us, but we miss out on them
because we do not ask for them. I wonder today what is
in your white box tied with a red ribbon that could be
your ...

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