by Ken Trivette

Billboards For Jesus
Ken Trivette
1 Peter 2:9

1. In 1784 a Boston paper printed the following
"Missing Persons" advertisement:

"Ran away from his wife and helpless family, on Friday
last, John Spriggs, by trade a tailor, aged thirty-
five, a wide mouth, zigzag teeth, a nose of high
burned brick color, with a lofty bridge, swivel-eyed,
and a scar (not an honorable one) on his left cheek.
He primes and loads (that is takes snuff and tobacco);
he's so loquacious that he tires every one in his
company, but himself. In order that he may entrap the
sinner and the saint, he carries a Pack of Cards in
one pocket, and the Practice of Piety in the other. He
is a great liar, and can varnish falsehood with a
great deal of art. Had on when he went away, a three
cocked hat, with a blue body coat, rather on the fade.
He was seen in Bennington on Saturday last, disguised
in a clean shirt." 1

2. Our lives are surrounded and bombarded with
advertising. You read the newspaper or a magazine and
there is ad after ad. You turn on the radio or the
television and every so many minutes you see or hear
an ad. The roadsides are blotted with billboards with
their ads. Everywhere we go and on just about anything
you can imagine we find something being advertised.

3. According to Dun and Bradstreet, 95% of all
business failures are from the ranks of non-
advertisers. It's like the feller says, "When business
is good, you ought to advertise; when it's bad, you've
got to."

4. As I look at our text I find that we as believers
are to be advertisers. Peter describes the believer in
verse 9 in a five-fold way. First we are called a
"chosen generation." As God's people we are a chosen
people. We have been brought into a special
relationship with God by God's grace.

5. Secondly he describes as a "royal priesthood." As
believers we have access to God. We can approach God
and enter into His holy presence. Thirdly we are

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