by Ken Trivette

Have You Ever Asked "Why"
Ken Trivette
Job 3:23

1. As I read different author's comments on Job
chapter 3, I found that almost all of them spoke of
how depressing is the chapter. One referred to it as
the most miserable chapter in the Bible. It is a
depressing chapter. It is a chapter in which we look
into the heart of a man and listen to the words of a
man who is going through a very difficult and
extremely distressing time in his life. It is one
chapter in the story of the adversity and affliction
of Job.

2. I like to think of the chapter as Job's "Why"
chapter. As you read the chapter you find that 5 times
Job asks why:
Vs.11: "Why died I not from the womb?"
Vs.11: "Why did I not give up the ghost when I
came out of the belly?"
Vs.12: "Why did the knees prevent me?"
Vs.12: "...or why the breasts that I should
Vs.23: "Why is light given to a man whose way is
hid, and whom God hath hedged in?"

3. In chapter 1-2 we see the calamity of Job. When we
come to chapter 3 we see the confusion of Job. He is a
man suffering on the outside and struggling on the
inside. Job, a godly man, a man that feared God and
passionately hated evil, struggles with the why of his
adversity and affliction.

4. Job is no different than each of us. We all at some
time or another have asked "Why?" Who among has not
questioned the reason and purpose of certain things
that happen in our life or in the lives of others?
There are times when it is hard not to ask why.

5. I think of Herbert Lockyer's book entitled, Dark
Threads the Weaver Needs. In the first chapter
entitled "I Sat Where They Sat," he opened a window to
his heart and shared a personal trial. He writes: "My
dear wife and I have been married for more than sixty-
six years, but through the last seven or so years, she
has been practically dead to the world. Mentally
afflicted, my lifelong partner has no consciousness of
the past or presen ...

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