by Ken Trivette

Job 13:23
Ken Trivette

1. There is one thing that is constant and certain in the
life of every Christian and that is we must continually
deal with sin in our life. As Christians, there must be a
daily confronting of sin, confession of sin, and a
cleansing of sin.

2. In the early days of his struggle toward the truth,
Augustine made a prayer, "Lord, save me from my sins, but
not quite yet." Then, sometime after that, he prayed,
"Lord, save me from all my sins, except one." Finally he
came to pray, "Lord, save me from all my sins, and save me

3. There is a lot of Augustine in many of us. How often as
Christians we want to hang on to certain sin or a pet sin
instead of coming completely clean with God and before God.

4. Dealing with sin is precisely what Job is doing in Job
13:23. In his words we see both his disgust and desire. His
disgust is seen in the words, "How many are mine inquities
and sin?" Job is not asking God how many sins has he
committed or how much he has sinned. The question in the
Hebrew language is a form of speech that is an affirmation
of a fact that exists.

5. Job is stating that he knows that he is guilty of many
sins. In an honest admission, Job knows that there have
been times he has sinned and that in many ways he has

6. D.L. Moody used to say that if a photographer came along
who could photograph people's hearts he would starve to
death before he would get a customer. No one wants a
picture of his heart to be exhibited.

7. If it were possible to take a picture of our heart it
would reveal as Job said, many iniquities and sins. All of
us, if honest, have to say, "How many are my sins." Job,
admitting his sins and acknowledging his sins reveal his
disgust with how prone he is to sin and the numerous
tendencies to sin.

8. Yet, we not see his disgust with the many sins of his
life but his desire for God to make ...

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