by Ken Trivette

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A Good Name
Ken Trivette
Proverbs 11:23, 22:1

1. I recently came across a list of names that you can give to certain ones in certain professions:
* Lawyer's daughter - Sue
* Thief's son - Rob
* Doctor's son - Bill
* Meteorologist's daughter - Haley
* Steam Shovel operators son - Doug
* Cattle thief's son - Russell
* Iron worker's son - Rusty
* Sound Technician's son - Mike
* Movie Star's son - Oscar
* Barber's son - Harry
* Plumber's son - John
* Politician's daughter - Patsy

2. A study of names is to me a very interesting subject. Until about the year 1100, most people in Europe had only one name. With population increasing it became difficult to distinguish among people, so surnames were added.

3. These came from four primary sources: a man's occupation, such as John Cook, or Miller; location, such as John Overhill or Brook; patronymical, such as John's son (Johnson); and characteristics, such as John Small, Short, Longfellow, and so forth.

4. I have enjoyed studying the Trivette name. Trivette's are of Viking origin and of the Viking Norsemen who took the section of France now called Normandy in the 8th century (ie. Men of the North). The Trivette's in America are descendents of William Trivett that was awarded land in England by William the Conqueror after the invasion of England. Our name is really "TRIV", the "ett" being a title that was influenced by the French/Norman language.

5. The history of a person's name is interesting but what is even more important is the kind of name you have.

6. In the early morning hours of April 15, 1865, the well- known actor John Wilkes Booth and a companion stopped at the Maryland home of Dr. Samuel Alexander Mudd. He asked the doctor to treat his broken leg. Ever since there has been controversy as to whether or not Dr. Mudd knew that Booth had assassinated President Lincoln and failed to surrender him to military authorities. Recently a U.S. Congressman from Maryland introdu ...

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