by Ken Trivette

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John Dillingers In The Church (10 Of 14)
Series:The Book of Malachi
Ken Trivette
Malachi 3:7-12

1. I doubt that any of us are not familiar with the name John Dillinger. Born in 1902, he deserted the Navy to take up armed robbery. In 1933 he robbed his first bank in Daleville, Indiana taking $3000.00. Within 3 weeks, he and his gang robbed $10,000 from a Montpelier, Indiana bank and $28,000 in Indianapolis. They took $28,000 from a bank in Racine, Wisconsin. They robbed an East Chicago bank killing a guard in the process. His crimes spread until on May 15, 1934, Congress asked for the public's help - offering a $25,000 reward for his capture. Dillinger was officially Public Enemy Number One, according the FBI. Over 600 FBI agents were assigned to capture Dillinger. The FBI finally got Dillinger, July 22, 1934 when he was shot down as he came out of the Biograph Theater in Chicago.

2. Not all John Dillingers have been shot down. There is a type of Dillingers that commit robbery week after week, and the FBI could care less about them. Congress has not offered any kind of reward for their capture and never will. Even though their robbery is more serious than robbing a bank, no policeman will ever bother them, or no FBI agent will ever search for them. In fact, there is no law on the books to make their robbery a crime. I'm talking about the Dillingers in the Church that rob God of their tithe and offering.

3. Before us is most familiar passage in all the book of Malachi. It deals with a believer robbing God of their tithes and offerings. It is one of the great passages of the Bible about the giving of a believer. Its instructions are very illuminating and its rebuke is very penetrating.

4. Many Christians have never learned the blessing of giving to God. You could say that many Christians are TAKERS and not GIVERS.

5. I heard about the Jewish Rabbi that went to get his hair cut at the local barber. When he started to pay for his haircut, the barber ...

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