by Ken Trivette

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Broken Relationships (7 of 14)
Series: The Book of Malachi
Ken Trivette
Malachi 2:10-16

1. Malachi in the passage before speaks of 3 very important relationships of life:
. Our relationship to those around us - Our Friends
. Our relationship to God - Our Father
. Our relationship to our spouses - Our Family

2. These 3 relationship speak of the people that are around us, the God that is above us and the person that is adjoined us.

3. These relationships touch our:
. Social life
. Spiritual life
. Marital life

4. In his description of these 3 very important relationships, we see these relationships in a broken condition rather than a blessed condition. Rather than these relationships being fulfilling they are faltering.

5. Note the word ''treacherously'' that is found 5 times in the text (Vs.10,11,14,15,16) The word means ''to betray a trust, to be unfaithful to a commitment'' thus to deal deceitfully or unfaithfully.

6. Notice the word ''profane''' in verse 10 andamp;11. The word means ''to destroy the value of something by defacing it or piercing it with a sharp instrument. They were defacing and destroying the value of these important relationships by their unfaithfulness.

7. Now let's notice these 3 relationships in which Malachi speaks of their unfaithfulness.


1. In verse 10 Malachi speaks of ''every man against his brother.'' Instead of living together in the bonds of brotherhood, they were living like the proverbial ''cats and dogs.''

2. As one has said, ''No sorrier spectacle presents itself than that of a church or a denomination whose witness is discredited because of internal strife and divisions.''

3. Paul Billheimer in his book, Love Covers: A Biblical Design for Unity in the Body of Christ writes: ''Disunity in the body of Christ is the scandal of the ages. The greatest sin of the Church is not lying, stealing, drunkenness, adultery, not even murder - but the sin ...

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