by Ken Trivette

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Ken Trivette
Genesis 14:17-24

1. I am going to do something that the Church Growth experts and
guru's say I should not do. I am going to preach on giving. They
say, in this seeker friendly age, that preaching on giving is not
enjoyed or appreciated by those that visit the Church. May I say
that it is not all that palatable to those who attend on a regular

2. I think of how one of our members invited a friend to visit our
Church. They said, "Our preacher never preaches on giving," and
the Sunday they visited, I preached on giving.

3. I have heard people say, "All they talk about over at that Church
is giving." Now in all honesty I do not preach much about giving. I
say a lot about giving, but I don't preach on it all that much. At the
most, a few sermons each year, is the extent of my preaching on
giving. The problem is, those who hate a preacher preaching on
giving, always visit those few services that I do.

4. Yet I am reminded of something that that Brian Kluth said:

"In stewardship speaking engagements across America and on five
continents, I have discovered two things: First: Christians of all
income levels have experienced spiritual joy, supernatural grace
and divine help through the practice of making a specific
commitment to give 10% or more of their resources to the Lord's
work. Second: The vast majority of pastors are reluctant to teach
their congregations about money matters and Christian giving."
(Christian Stewardship Magazine)

5. Why do I preach on giving? I can sum it up in two reasons. First,
I preach on giving because, not do so, is to rob you of the joy of
learning how to give. I cheat you of a blessing and fail to mature
you in one of the great areas of the Christian life.

6. Also, I preach on giving to be faithful to my call as a preacher,
which is to preach the whole counsel of God. One of the bigger
subjects of the Bible is the matter of our money ...

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