by Ken Trivette

If We Will, He Will
Ken Trivette
Luke 5:1-11

1. I have always enjoyed the story before us in our text. It is a scene where we see the disciples washing their nets, lowering their nets and finally breaking their nets.

2. It is a story where we see one moving from fruitlessness to fruitfulness. It is a story where see certain ones moving from the point of giving up to going out and going on.

3. It is a story that reminds us that god can do for us something that will amaze and astonish us.

4. Verse 9 tells us that Peter and everyone with him were astonished at what the Lord did. What is so thrilling about the story is that they were astonished at what the Lord did in a situation they had given up on.

5. It is a story that reminds us that the Lord can do some amazing things for us. The key to seeing the Lord do astonishing things is found in the words of verse 5: "at thy word I will."

6. To put it simply, if we will, he will. Let's look at the text and let me show you what I am talking about.

1. The discouraged fishermen!

1. Now I must confess that I am not a fisherman. When I was young a used to bass fish a lot. I had this dream of this 10-12 pound bass that would be mounted on my wall. After several years and several dollars I gave up my ambition of being a proud angler.

2. I felt like this fisherman named bob. He and his brother harry were untiring as fisherman. Yet, harry always caught fish, but bob never did. One morning bob went by himself fishing. Bob made a long, upstream cast. As the fly floated downward, a trout stuck his head out of the water and asked, "where's harry?"

3. It seemed everyone else caught the trophies and I caught nothing so I retired.

4. The story before involves professional fisherman. Yet, they had spent the night fishing and had caught nothing. Now these were trained fisherman. They were experienced fisherman. They knew how to fish and where to fish, but on this trip they had come up empty-handed. You co ...

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