by Ken Trivette

How We Should Celebrate Christmas
Ken Trivette
Luke 2:1-18

1. Christmas was first celebrated in the year 98, but it was forty years later before it was officially adopted as a Christian festival. It was not until about the fifth century that the day of its celebration became permanently fixed on the 25th of December. Up to that time it had been irregularly observed at various times of the year - in December, in April, and in may, but most frequently in January.

2. Even though Christmas has been celebrated for hundreds of years, not all have looked favorably on the Christmas holiday. The pilgrim fathers, who condemned all church festivals, spent their first Christmas in America working hard all day long amid cold and stormy weather, and commenced the building of the first house in Plymouth 1620.

3. Christmas is celebrated around the world but in different ways. In France children put their shoes in front of the fireplace so that father Christmas can fill them.

4. In Spain people dance and sing in the streets after midnight mass on Christmas eve. In Italy the family prays while the mother places a figure of the bambino (Christ- child) in a manger. In Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, Christmas dinner includes rice pudding that has a single almond in it. According to tradition whoever gets the almond will have good luck throughout the new year.

5. In Australia and New Zealand December comes during the summer so many people celebrate Christmas by going to the beach.

6. The question I want to ask is how should we as believers celebrate Christmas? I believe that as we look at certain ones in the bible we can learn how to celebrate Christmas.

1. How the shepherds celebrated Christmas!

1. In Luke 2 we read the story of the shepherds. Notice how these shepherds celebrated Christmas.

A. The message the shepherds received.

1. We read in verse 8: ''and there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock b ...

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