by Ken Trivette

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Our God Is an Awesome God (1 of 6)
Series: Theology 101 With Isaiah
Ken Trivette
Isaiah 6:1-4

1. I read about a fellow who was hurting all over. He went to his doctor and said, ''Doc, everywhere I touch, it hurts. When I touch my head it hurts. When I touch my shoulder it hurts. When I touch my arm it hurts. When I touch my chest it hurts. When I touch my leg it hurts. When I touch my foot it hurts. What's wrong with me?'' After the doctor examined him he discovered that his index finger was broken.

2. There are many ills in the Christian life than can be traced to one single problem. It is our view of God and our attitude about God.

3. One of the greatest books ever written is book by A.W. Tozer entitled The Knowledge of The Holy. In the preface of the book Tozer writes:

''The low view of God entertained almost universally among Christians is the cause of a hundred lesser evils everywhere among us...The decline of the knowledge of the holy has brought on our troubles. A rediscovery of the majesty of God will go a long way toward curing them.''

4. In chapter one entitled ''Why We Must Think Rightly About God'' Tozer writes:

''What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us. The history of mankind will probably show that no people has ever risen above its religion, and man's spiritual history will positively demonstrate that no religion has ever been greater than its ideal of God.''

5. I agree. What we believe about God and how we think of God will greatly affect our lives. A low view of God tends to produce a low form of living. A lofty view of God tends to produce a higher form of living.

6. It is my desire for a few weeks to learn and remind us of the God we know and serve. I don't know of a better teacher than the prophet Isaiah.

7. A heard about a little boy that was drawing a picture in his art class. The teacher walked by his desk and asked what he was drawing. He looked up and said, ' ...

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