by Ken Trivette

Ken D. Trivette
Genesis 19

1. The Apostle Paul in Galatians 6:7 said: "Be not deceived; God is not
mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

2. Someone put it this way: "As the twig is bent, it is apt to snap back in
your face."

3. Several years ago, "Our Daily Bread" carried a story by an anonymous
author that illustrates how the twig often snaps back in our face. It was a
story about a boy named Junior. When he was 14, he noticed his father
wearing a happy grin as he came home from the office. His father said, "Got
pinched for speeding, but Jake down at the city hall got the ticket fixed for

When he was 15, he was with his mother in the family car when she backed
into a tree. She said, "We'll say someone rammed into us when we were
parked downtown. Then we'll collect insurance for it."

When he was 16, he listened to his grandfather reminiscing about the "good
old days of rationing" when he made $100,000 black-marketing cars. That
same night Uncle John was bragging that on a good share of his business,
he sent no bills and took no checks-just cash. He said, "Why be a sucker
and let those punks at the Internal Revenue Department get all my money.

When Junior was 18. His family pulled every possible string to get him a
paid scholarship at a coveted Ivy League school. They even lied about the
family income to make it seem their son needed financial aid. When he had
a rough time scholastically, an upperclassman sold him the answers to the
calculus exam. Junior was caught and expelled. When he returned home,
his mother burst into hysterical weeping over the disgrace he had caused.
She said, "How could you have done this to us," she sobbed. "This isn't the
way we raised you."

4. Yes, as the twig is bent, it is apt to snap back in our face. We reap what
we sow. There is not better example of this than the story of Let. There
came a time when the t ...

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