by Ken Trivette

Ken D. Trivette
Genesis 18:16-33

1. One of the most interesting and inspiring people that I have ever heard
of and read about is John Hyde. He is not remembered primarily for his
preaching or a Church that he pastored. He is primarily remembered for
his prayer life.

John Hyde spent much time in the prayer closet. He spent most of his day
and life in the prayer closet. He spent so much time in prayer that he was
known simply as Praying Hyde. He was known to stay on his face before
God in prayer 40 hours at one time. One who met him said that there was
always the air of another world about him.

An inspiring story of his life involved the great evangelist J. Wilbur
Chapman. Chapman was preaching in Hereford, England. There was an
absence of power and conviction in the meeting. But then he received a
telegram from John Hyde that he was coming to town to pray for his

In Chapman's own words, "When John Hyde came, God came to town." On
the first night Hyde was in town, when Chapman gave the invitation, 50
people came to Christ. The meeting was filled with power and conviction.

Chapman wanted to meet Hyde so he went to his room. When he walked
into his room, Hyde locked the door behind them, fell on his knees and
turned his heart to God. Chapman said, "I felt hot tears running down my
face. I knew that I was with God." With an up-turned face, Hyde said two
words, "Oh, God," and then was still before God. Then he put his arm
around Chapman's shoulder and Chapman said there came from the depth
of his heart such petitions for men, as he had never heard before. Chapman
said, "I rose from knees to know what real prayer was."

2. In the records of revival in America, Charles Finney stands in a class all
by himself. In one meeting, in Rochester, N.Y., over 100,000 made a
profession of faith. One of the secrets to Finney's power in preaching was
two men; a Father Clery and Father ...

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