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Ken D. Trivette
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Building Blocks of the Faith
Jude 20 & Luke 18:1

1. As we have seen over the past few weeks, Jude describes the Christian life as
a building process. The foundation of the Christian life is our salvation. Jude
calls it "our most holy faith."

2. Jude also tells us that the Christian life is to be more than a foundation.
We are to build on our "most holy faith."

3. There is a Christian life that is to be built on the foundation. It is this
building of a Christian life that has been our focus for the past few weeks.

4. We have been considering some of the essential blocks that must be laid on
the foundation. Today we want to consider the matter of developing a daily
prayer life.

5. There is help for living the Christian life and prayer is the means whereby
we obtain assistance for living the Christian life.

6. In our last study we consider the Bible as an essential building block of the
faith. Someone has described the Bible and prayer as the two wings of a bird. If
you keep both going, you can soar to spiritual heights. If you stop using
either, you will plunge to spiritual destruction. 1

7. Building and developing a daily prayer life is essential to building and
developing a Christian life. Prayer is the means whereby we obtain assistance
for being what we should be and doing what we should do as a Christian.

8. Prayer is the source of revival for a Church, the source of power for a
preacher and the source of strength for a Christian.

9. Jesus said in Luke 18:1, "that men ought always to pray." The word "ought"
describes an obligation. Prayer is a resource, but it is also a responsibility.
The reason it is a responsibility is because it is a resource. It is the place
of assistance for building on our "most holy faith."

10. An important building block of the faith is developing a daily prayer life.
Let's consider the matter of praye ...

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