by Ken Trivette

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Baptism - The Announcement of Your Faith (2 of 5)
Series: Building Blocks of the Faith
Ken D. Trivette
Jude 20; Acts 22:16

1. Jude describes the Christian life as a structure being built on a foundation, that foundation being our ''most holy faith.''

2. Salvation is the foundation of the Christian life. It is the starting point. But as Jude describes, it is not the stopping place. We are to be building on our faith.

3. The tense of the words speaks of a life long building process. The Christian life is to be one of constant growth and maturing. No matter how long one has been saved, there is always more to learn and areas in which one can grow. One is always ''building.''

4. Now in any building there are the first blocks that are laid. This building that we are in is comprised of thousands of bricks. Yet at some point the first brick was laid, then the second, third, and so on.

5. In our series of sermons that we are calling ''The Building Blocks of the Faith'' we are looking at the first blocks or bricks that are to be laid on our ''most holy faith.''

6. One of the first blocks that needs to be laid and must be laid is ''Baptism.'' One of the first steps of the Christian life is to follow the Lord in ''Believer's Baptism.''

7. In Acts 22:6 Paul is giving his testimony and as he does so he speaks of a charge that was given to him at his conversion. The charge was, ''...arise, and be baptized.''

8. The words are in what is called the middle voice which mean that the charge was, ''get thyself baptized.''

9. Paul was saying that when he got saved one of the first things he was told to do was ''get baptized.''

10. Well, if Paul was to ''get himself baptized,'' as all believers are to do, then baptism is an important step of the Christian life. Let's consider the subject and seek to establish some Biblical principles about the subject.


1. In Acts 22:6 Paul testifies that he was told to get himself ba ...

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